Our mission

To Make China Life Easy. Acting as eCommerce ambassadors to thousands of expats living in China, we are determined to make each happy house feel a little more like home by providing a vital link to those little comforts you miss and love.

GoodTimes Trading Post was created by expats, for expats who live and work in greater China. We understand your needs like nobody else can and we are here to help make your China life a happy life!

We created the GoodTimes Trading Post platform for like minded entrepreneurs to reach their customers and we are dedicated to helping those businesses thrive.

Are you considering a permanent life in S.E. Asia? Why not do like so many immigrates have done around the world and start a business. We have a unique platform and a FREE program to help you get setup and on your way to being a successful e-commerce merchant.

If you want to start your own online shop but lack the funding we can help with the GoodTimes Vendor Micro-loan program. Ask Trader Bob for more details.

The entire GoodTImes web-site is encrypted for your shopping security.

All payments are processed through PayPal & Stripe Card Services out of Hong Kong for additional safety, security, and peace of mind shopping. Using these globally renowned payment processes ensures maximum consumer protection at GoodTimes Trading Post!

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed at GoodTimes Trading Post. Its an American shopping tradition that “The Customer is Always Right!” and Trader Bob has mandated that every Vendor, Shop Owner, and Manager must uphold this tradition and do everything possible to provide the best possible products and service or your money back.

Welcome to GoodTimes Trading Post and Happy Shopping !!!


GoodTimes Trading Post

Who are we ?

We are expats just like you and are living in or have lived in China for many years. We understand how difficult it can be to live in a foreign country without any practical expat community or English based services to speak of. While we can’t be all things to all people, we created the GoodTimes Trading post to help make your stay in Asia more comfortable by providing you with as many comforts from home as possible. Here’s how:

  • All in English – We are the first ALL English eCommerce site available in China.
  • Customer Focused products – Get what you WANT to buy right here. Don’t see it? Ask!
  • The most flexible payment options available in Asia (All global credit cards, Wechat, Ali-Pay & more).
  • Fast Delivery to your door step (yes, even in Chain).
  • A FREE community market place for you to sell your goods to other expats like YOU.

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We are all about community! Wherever you come from we got what you are looking for… Our promise to you: If we don’t have it, we will GET and ADD it to GoodTimes Trading Post so long as the product is available and not restricted in your area.

As with any community great customer support is essential. On the GoodTimes Trading Post we have setup a support network to help every guest with any question or issue you may need assistance with. From individual product inquiries, to messaging shop managers directly, to chatting with sales associates, to recommending new products to the entire vendor group the GoodTimes community bands together to support each guest.”

In keeping with our Community-centric Ideals our site is open to ANY expat who wants to sell LEGAL products or services to visitors and GoodTimes members. Sign-up is FREE and no Asian country or local business license is needed as our site is based in the U.S. and payment services our settled in Hong Kong.