Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works

The right body lotion can make or break your skincare routine. That’s why, at Bath & Body Works, we’ve developed dozens of different lotion formulas. You can find the one that’s right for you — from Super Smooth to 24-Hour Moisture — and everything in between. Add in your favorite fragrances and it’s a match made in heaven.

Feeling the heat? Opt for Aqua Cool Aloe Lotion. Designed to leave your skin moisturized and smooth, this signature formula allows you to keep your cool no matter how hot the actual temperature gets. And the best part — the fragrances are just as refreshing as the lotion itself. Escape with Island White Sand, Fresh Sea Salt Mango, and Waikiki Beach Coconut.

Enjoying sun-kissed skin without stepping foot outside is easy peasy (and it’s all thanks to our Radiant Body Lotions). Get glowing with bronzers that provide that just-right hint of color, so you can achieve healthy-looking, radiant skin and not worry about sunburns.