Candles, Wallflowers Air Fresheners, Sprays & More From Bath & Body Works

Is there anything better than walking into a room that smells incredible? Probably not. That’s why we have all the scents you need to turn your home into the fresh, relaxing sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Whether you have one fragrance that is your go-to scent or you like to change it up, our candles, Wallflowers air fresheners and room sprays can help you set any ambiance, any time of the year!

Our Wallflowers (A.K.A. room diffusers) offer 24/7 always on fragrance that welcomes you home every day, and the refills make keeping your favorite scent on hand easier than ever. Bonus: one refill keeps your room fragrant for weeks! But home isn’t the only place you can enjoy your favorite fragrances. Our Scent portable car air fresheners let you enjoy your favorite scents during your commute and keep your vehicle smelling fresh.