Angus Picanha Steak 1.6 Kg

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Product Name: Angus Picanha Steak
Country of Origin: Uruguay
Net Weight: 1600 g
Packing: Vacuum-packed
Seasoned : No
Shipping : SF Delivery
Fresh storage Temperature: -18 ℃
Shelf Life: 365 days

In stock

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Picanha is a very popular cut of beef, especially in Latin cultures. It is called sirloin cap in the United States or the rump cap in the United Kingdom, that is popular in Brazil. In the United States, it is little known, culotte. North American butchers generally divide it into other cuts like the rump, the round, and the loin. In some places in the United States, it is called top sirloin cap.

Top Sirloin Cap (Picanha) comes from the primal cut loin, sub-primal sirloin. It is comprised of two muscles. The small, triangle-shaped “cap” muscle is the most prized.

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