Bardinet Creme De Menthe Liqueur 700ml

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Product Name: Creme de Menthe
Country of origin: France
Founder: Paul Bardinet
Since: 1857
Alcohol by volume: 25%
Net. Volume: 700 ml
Product Type: Liqueur

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Crème de menthe is an ingredient in several cocktails, such as the Grasshopper and the Stinger. It is also served as a digestif and used in cooking as a flavoring. It is also a primary component of the popular South African shooter known as the Springbokkie .


Founder Paul Bardinet started the company story creating liqueurs in France in 1857 and his range of world-class drinks has been celebrated globally ever since. Our liqueurs and syrups benefit from an expertise which has been constantly adapted to match new trends. Bardinet liqueurs and syrups, rich in flavours and colours, encompasses all the essential components of any cocktails, from classic to trendy. Capturing both classic and exotic tastes, always full-on flavours, BARDINET liqueurs and syrups are made from ingredients rigorously selected to ensure consistency and quality decade after decade.

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