Cambio Rolled Silicone Oil (Baking) Paper

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Brand : Cambio

Country of Origin : China

Type: Baking Sheets | Baking Paper

Variations: 30cm x 200m 3 kg | 40cm x 200m 3.9 kg | 45cm x 200m 4.3 kg | 60cm x 200m 5.8 kg.

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Silicone oil paper, also known as anti-sticky paper, is a common use of external packaging in our daily life. It is constructed by the bottom paper, film, silicone three layer together, wherein the film sandwiched in the middle of the other two layers of structure. Silicone oil paper has many characteristics, it can be used in many fields to contact food such as, grilled fish, barbecue, baking, oven, baking plate paper mats and so on.

Use of Silicone oil paper:

  1. Silicone oil paper has the effect of high temperature resistance and moisture and oil protection, so it can be packaged in the food industry.
  2. Moisture and oil-proof characteristics, so that silicone oil paper can be a product and other products isolated from each other.
  3. Silicone oil paper can be used in the packaging of electronic products.
  4. Silicone oil paper can be used for automotive foam.
  5. Silicone oil paper can also be used in the printing industry.

Features of silicone oil paper:

  1. Cleanliness: The cleanliness and cleanliness of the outer surface of the silicone oil paper will be changed by the external environment, in the environment in which we usually live, there will inevitably be some dust, which will affect the cleanliness of the silicone oil paper, should try to improve the environment of the silicone oil paper, protect the silicone oil paper.
  2. Degree of dissociation: the degree of dissociation does not have a very determined value, the need to determine the type of silicone oil paper according to the manufacturer’s formula.

3. Stripping force: Some silicone oil paper stripping force is strong, and some silicone oil paper stripping force is weak, we can choose according to the needs.

Additional information

Weight3 kg

30cm*200m 3 kg, 40cm*200m 3.9 kg, 45cm*200m 4.3 kg, 60cm*200m 5.8 kg


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