Brand: DOU JIE
Product Name: LIME REMOVER
Country of Origin: China
Net. Content: 3.7Liters
Product Type: Descaling Agent| Chemical Cleaner

Can quickly and effectively loosen dissolved and remove all hard scale. Ideal for kitchens, toilets, water heaters, dishwashers and hot water pipes. Can effectively improve the sanitary condition of kitchen toilet, effectively improve the thermal efficiency of hot water equipment. Suitable for hotels, restaurants and other scale intrusion site of the scale removal, non-toxic, harmless. This product contains corrosion inhibitors, can maximize the protection of metal less erosion. This product in the use of no odor, do not pollute tableware and equipment, easy to clean. Applicable temperature range is wide, save time and effort, is hard water area equipment maintenance, descaling essential supplies.

Usage and dosage: can be adjusted according to the thickness of alkali, appropriate scale, such as a home kettle that takes only 15-20 ml to clear and clean as new, bathroom tiles, sanitary ware, etc., put into the spray pot spraying above, wipe with a rag is can be simple and practical operation.