KAHLUA MATCHA 700ml (Imported)

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Country of origin: MEXICO
Introduced 1935
Alcohol Vol: 20%
Net. Content: 700ml
Product Type: Coffee Green Tea Liqueur

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Kahlua Matcha is a Kahlúa liqueur with a Japanese twist: Matcha green tea- makeover from Suntory Spirits Company.

Kahlua Matcha Milk This is a variation of the Kahlua Milk, a standard Japanese cocktail that pretty much sums up what to expect from Japan’s cocktail culture in general: one liqueur in a non-alcoholic base.

While originally from Mexico, Kahlúa is a popular liqueur in Japan, especially with the ladies, when turned into a sweet cocktail mixed with milk.


“Kalua” hometown with Veracruz Highlands of Mexico. Have cooked food on the Gulf of Mexico, a rich culture and change history, Africa, Mexico, and Spain International has evolved in conjunction with culture. Known in high-quality coffee of the Arabica variety grown in the fertile hilly area blessed with a mild climate.
“Kalua (Kahlua)” comes from the slang for coffee in Arabic cahuwa (Kahlua). Since its birth in 1936, has been popular at bars all over the world and at home.

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