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Brand: Lock & Lock
Product Name: 6pcs Food Storage Box (Bento)
Product Model: 3PCS HPL806 & 3PCS HPL817
Country of Origin: China
Shape: Rectangular
Color: Translucent
Material: Plastic (Polypropylene (PP), also known as Polypropene)
Capacity: 350ml to 1000ml
Size: 9x12x5 cm & 19.6×12.8×6.8 cm
Product Type: Home Accessories | Storage | Kitchen Essentials

Stores special containers for a variety of cereals; the switch box cover is convenient and easy for children to use.

Product Features:
1. Can be used in microwave oven low temperature heating, and storage in refrigerator.
2. Certified by ISO9001, the United States FDA, Germany SGS certification for the stability (full), and sanitary inspection of raw materials.
3. The locking device of the box passed through 1 million bending tests without any abnormalities.
4. Passed the Korea Household Goods Experimental Institute heat resistance, cold resistance test and access to sanitary, stable quality.
5. Passed the Quality Assurance Association designated book (Q-mark), Health and Safety quality Certification (Hs-mark).

1. When using the microwave oven at low temperature, remove the lid after separating or opening the locking device.
2. Do not apply a strong shock to the box body or place it next to the fire source, to avoid deformation of the product.
3. Do not wash with a brush or grind to avoid scratches.

Note: When heating the microwave oven, do not cover with the lid.


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