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  • Brand : Whizz-kid
  • Country of Origin : Thailand
  • Net Weight : 1L [ 1 bottle | 12 bottles ]
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  • Water, 40% Lemon Juice, Sugar

Side Effects Of Lime Juice


  • GERD, also known as ‘gastroesphageal reflux disorder’, is a digestive disorder that affects the ring of muscle between the oesophagus and stomach.
  • GERD is triggered by spicy or acidic foods. And lemon juice is one amongst them. Lemon juice can actually irritate the oesophageal lining thereby exacerbating GERD. 

2. Tooth Decay

  • We know lime juice has high citric acid content. This can lead to the decay of the tooth enamel. The high acidic content in lime juice can dissolve the enamel. When this decay progresses into the dentin, you might start experiencing sensitivity and pain.
  • Other consequences of consuming lime juice (especially canned) in excessive quantities include loss of dental tissue, stained teeth and in some extreme cases, even cavities.

3. Stomach Ulcers

  • The citric acid in lime only encourages the ulcers within the stomach. This causes them to aggravate and worsen. The increased acid (citric acid + acid produced in your stomach) can irritate the stomach lining and stop the ulcers from healing properly.
  • Symptoms of stomach ulcers include terrible pain within the stomach, bloating, vomiting and unexpected weight loss. 

4. Problems During Pregnancy

  • Your immune system is considerably weak during pregnancy. Due to this deficiency, you are more prone to heartburn and food-borne illnesses (like salmonella and E.Coli) during the time of your pregnancy. 
  • Too much of lime juice consumption during pregnancy can lead to stomach cramps, indigestion and even diarrhea.

5. Hemochromatosis

  • Excessive consumption of vitamin C can increase the amount of iron you absorb from your food. But the downside is it also hinders the body from absorbing iron. This results in the accumulation of iron inside the body.
  • Symptoms include fatigue, weakness, joint pain and heart failure. This is a serious side effect of lime juice as it can lead to death at times.

6. Sulphite Disorders

  • Sulphites (the ones used as preservatives) are inorganic salts that can help extend the shelf life of foods. These salts can prevent the food from turning brown, and also hinder the growth of bacteria. Lime juice contains sulphites which can cause reactions and allergies in some people.
  • Itchy skin, hives, rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, cough etc. 

7. Might Affect Kidneys

  • Citrus fruits generally contain high potassium levels. This might be bad for those suffering from kidney disease. The diseased kidneys wouldn’t be able to maintain the electrolyte balance. This leads to abnormal levels of potassium, sodium and phosphorous.
  • The symptoms include abnormal heart rhythm, weakness and slow heart rate.
  • Now that you have learnt what the side effects of lime juice on human body are, this doesn’t mean you should totally stay away from it.
  • Drink lime juice; but in moderation and with necessary precautions so that you can put these lime juice side effects at bay!

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