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Brand: Tong Xiang Pork
Product Name: Pork Liver
Country of Origin: China
Net Weight: 250 g
Packing: vacuum packed
Seasoned : No
Fresh storage Temperature: -18 ℃ or less
Shelf Life: 3-5 days
Delivery Method: SF Express


Pork liver can be a healthy source of protein because it contains only 1.2 grams of cholesterol-raising saturated fat per serving. With only 140 calories per serving, pork liver can easily fit into a weight-loss diet. To limit the calories and saturated fat you get, roast or stew pork liver instead of frying it.

Pork liver is also healthy for those who may be at risk for iron deficiency, such as pregnant women, athletes and adolescents. Iron in pork is in the heme form, which is easier for your body to digest than nonheme iron from plant-based foods. Liver is also high in zinc, an essential mineral for many enzyme reactions in your body.

Pork liver is a relatively lean type of liver, but it is high in cholesterol. Eat pork liver in moderation and only if you are not on a low-cholesterol diet. Prepare it using healthy cooking methods and serve it with other nutritious foods.

Weight .250 kg


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