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Russkaya is a superb vodka distilled from wheat, rye and malted barley. It is made with naturally spring-softened water, and even undergoes filtration through both quartz and birch coal. This is an extraordinarily rich, bread-like vodka.

Russkaya the famous vodka of RUSSIA is the benchmark for a vodka at homeland of vodka. Russkaya is more than just a brand, it’s a promise to give a consumer the true vodka from the country of origin.

• Brand with over 50 years history.
• Produced according to the highest standards of Russian vodka production.
• The best-selling vodka of the Soviet Union.
• 100% State Quality Control.
• Owns “Russian vodka” certificate of Appellation of origin, which guarantees special features defined according to requirements of the Russian Government.
• Produced and bottled only in Russia with Russian ingredients.

Weight .750 kg

700ml, 750ml


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