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Product Name: Red Horse Extra Strong Beer
Country of Origin: Philippines
Manufacturer: San Miguel Brewery Inc.
Founded: 1890
Alcohol by Volume: 8%
Net. Volume: 500 ml x 24
Product Type: American Malt Liquor style beer |Philippine Beer

Red Horse Beer: Extra Strong is a American Malt Liquor style beer. A strong, high alcohol beer. It is deeply hued lager with a distinctive, sweetish taste, balanced by a smooth bitterness. For the man with real strength, inside and out.

#1 Strong Beer, #2 Brand Overall in UAE and one of the fast-growing beer brands in the Middle East and Africa.

San Miguel Brewery Inc. is a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation and jointly owned with Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd. The company is the Philippines’ largest brewery with a market share of over 95% as of 2008. The company also operates in China and Southeast Asia.

San Miguel Brewery Inc. is the 16th largest brewer in the world and among the top 10 biggest beer producers in the Asia-Pacific It remains as the undisputed leader in its home market, with total market share of more than 95%.

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