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Brand: Nagoya
Product Name: Sorghum Grass Yard Broom
Country of Origin: China
Net Weight: 400g
Handle Length: 140cm
Product Type: Cleaning Tools | Broom


Sorghum broom (Broomcorn) is used for cleaning different kinds of surfaces and spaces mostly floors. Its application depends on the model, length of sorghum fibers, weight, length and radius of the shaft.

Sorghum vulgare technicum, the long stiff flower stalks of which have been used for making brooms.

Inner Mongolian sorghum grass is sturdy and resilient, not easy to break. Broom’s hanging stalk are exquisite workmanship, long service life.

Material: Natural Inner Mongolian sorghum grass with wooden handle.

Usage: Cleaning balcony, terrace, Garden Courtyard, Lawn, Factory Workshop, Street, Carpet, and other ground, can  also sweep water snow.

Maintenance: Wash and hang to dry. Do not let it stand bended

Weight .400 kg


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