Tian Spectrum Hamburger Beef Patties 150g*6

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Brand: Tian Spectrum Lok Food
Product Name: Hamburger Beef Patties
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Net Weight: 900 g (150 g x 6 pcs)
Packing: Vacuum-packed
Seasoned : No
Shipping : SF Delivery
Fresh storage Temperature: -18 ℃
Shelf Life: 365 days (-18℃)
Shelf Life : 9 DAYS (0~4℃)

In stock

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Beef patties are chopped fresh and/or frozen beef with or without the addition of beef fat and/or seasonings. Perfect for your favorite homemade Hamburger.

Most ground beef comes from the chuck, sirloin, or round. Packages are labeled by cut of beef, by fat/lean content, or both. Evaluating the fat content of packaged hamburger meat can be even more difficult than judging full cuts. While a steak or other cuts of beef labeled “lean” must have no more than 10 percent fat by weight, and “extra lean,” no more than 5 percent by weight, these standards don’t apply to meat that is ground. Ground beef labels use what is called compositional labeling, in which the percentage of lean meat is used to define the ground meat’s fat status. For example, ground meat that is 75 percent lean, is also 25 percent fat by weight. And meat that is 25 percent fat by weight actually derives about 77 percent of its calories from fat when cooked; that’s a lot of fat. To get the leanest ground beef, look for those labeled at least 90 percent lean. This will translate to meat that is closer to the official definition of “lean.” Better still, buy a lean cut of sirloin or round, and have the butcher trim it of all external fat and grind it for you. Or you can do it yourself, using a meat grinder or food processor.

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