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Enjoy the authentic, off-the-vine taste of SKYY Infusions Grape, with full crisp aromas that reflect hand pressed grapes. From the first sip, SKYY Infusions Grape summons the big taste associated with deep, fruity notes of the freshly picked grapes. Your sophisticated and refined senses are sure to enjoy the taste journey of SKYY Infusions Grape.

Vodka Infused with real grape and other natural flavors. Delicious Skyy Infusions take authentic Skyy Vodka and carefully infuses it with hand-selected ingredients for the smoothest fresh fruit taste.

Say goodbye to traditional, artificial tasting, boring flavored vodkas. SKYY Infusions is a unique infused experience made with premium SKYY Vodka and natural ingredients. The award-winning SKYY Infusions lineup includes California Apricot, Citrus, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Bartlett Pear, Honeycrisp Apple, Tropical Mango, Coastal Cranberry, Texas Grapefruit, Pacific Blueberry, Georgia Peach, Vanilla Bean, Wild Strawberry, Cherry, and Raspberry.

SKYY Vodka is the brand that started it all. It was first conceived in 1992 by an inventor looking to create the world’s smoothest vodka. SKYY Vodka revolutionized the spirits industry with its proprietary quadruple-distillation and triple-filtration process that consistently ensures exceptional quality. Distilled in America with grain from the Midwest and 100% pure filtered water, SKYY Vodka is the leading domestic super-premium vodka in the US. 80 Proof.

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